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The island seasonings make this chicken truly unforgettable.

It’s hard not to love Caribbean food with its diverse roots, flavors and techniques. It’s also not hard to make at home, thanks to Caribbean Potluck, a new cookbook from chefs Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau. Recreate favorite recipes from their childhood, restaurants and renowned catered parties. Start simple with this easy, flavor-packed chicken and salsa seasoned with hot peppers and fresh herbs. Here, the chefs explain one of their favorite dishes.

This has to be our best-loved chicken dish. The well-seasoned chicken also gets a “post-cooking” marinade; it is tossed in a bit of West Indian salsa verde and put in the oven for a few minutes so the salsa verde flavors can be absorbed into the chicken. The combo of the chargrill, the island seasonings and the kick of the West Indian salsa verde is truly unforgettable.

Reprinted with permission from Caribbean Potluck