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These beautiful baby artichokes grill up tender, smoky and packed with earthy flavor.

Usher in outdoor cooking season with the latest cookbook from Ben Tish, one of London’s preeminent grilling experts. Peruse this collection of recipes, which spans from classic grilled meats to more elegant vegetarian preparations, like these grilled artichokes with pine nut purée.

Violet baby artichokes are a joy to cook in the spring, and they make the perfect seasonal tapa. After we’ve removed the woody stalk and leaves, we cook them in water, wine and vinegar with plenty of fresh herbs until soft and tender, then grill them over hot coals. The pine nut purée is a great thing to have in your armory — it works wonders with grilled lamb or chicken, and is also delicious eaten as a rich, hummus-like dip. Some beautiful flatbreads would go brilliantly with this.

Reprinted with permission from Grill Smoke BBQ