Grilling has long been regarded as a summer activity, and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers have become synonymous with backyard fun. Now that we’ve settled into fall and the air has grown crisper, grills across the country are sitting unused, gathering dust and, soon, snow.

We’re here to change that. There are few things more enjoyable than enjoying a nice glass of wine on a cool night around a fire with friends — so why not swap that fire for your grill? When your grill is cranking out pizzas as delicious as this one, you won’t even notice the chill in the air.

The dough is crisped and charred to perfection, creating an at-home wood-fired pizza oven affect. It’s then topped with creamy ricotta cheese, mozzarella, roasted acorn squash, spicy sausage and thin lemon slices and finished off with a hit of cool, fresh, lemony arugula. This pizza is full of simple ingredients that, when layered together, create a complex and exciting dish. Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc provides the perfect palate refresher between bites to keep you coming back for more, the delicate mineral notes in the wine acting as the perfect counterbalance to the perfect storm of smoky, spicy and sweet that the pizza presents.

Brought to you by our friends at Prophecy Wine.

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