Jessica Merchant, author of the blog How Sweet Eats, just released her first cookbook, Seriously Delish. This is good news for several reasons: she’s hilarious, her food is excellent and there’s nothing she makes that you can’t. This comes in particularly handy around brunch time.

I can say with certainty that when I think about current favorite breakfasts, breakfasts I find perfect for brunch parties and the breakfast I want to eat right this instant as I’m writing, fontina baked eggs comes to mind.

First off, baked eggs are another fantabulous way to incorporate some veggies into your life. And forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t they say that if you consume some veg at your first meal of the day, it sets you on the right track and you’re more likely to consume more veg throughout the day? I think they say that. I wish “they” would say something beneficial about having cheesecake for the first meal of the day. But whatever.

Second, baked eggs are another one of those meals where there happen to be some seriously incredible options and variations. Some of my favorites include roasted red peppers and feta or garlic mushrooms and Gruyère. Please tell me you’re craving that now. In my opinion, baked eggs aren’t complete without some sort of dipper — some kind of toasty bread or baguette that allows for dunking or layering or just any old way to get that egg out of the dish. These garlic butter breadcrumbs intensify the flavor of the baked eggs and truly make for the perfect breakfast. Or brunch. Or brinner. You know! Breakfast for dinner? Brinner. Uh-huh.

Reprinted with permission from Seriously Delish