Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. chef-owner Adam Geringer-Dunn insisted we wouldn’t make it through the cold season without his finely honed fish chowder recipe, and by golly he’s probably right. Looking for your first foray into using a whole fish (as in the whole fish)? Take it from the master at this Brooklyn-based seafood haven: Start here. 

Fish chowder is a great way for us to utilize whole fish, minimize and reduce waste. We use fish bones to make the fish stock for the base of the chowder and then use fish trimmings (the pieces that are trimmed off those beautiful-looking filets in the display case). Lots of people only want to buy “center cut” filets of fish because they are the thickest and cook most evenly. That often leaves us with thinner tail pieces or other scraps, and we can still utilize those to make an incredibly rich and flavorful chowder. I really think dishes like fish chowder are the key to long-term seafood sustainability — a dish where you can really use the entire fish.

A trick we use to create a thick and full chowder without using any flour is to cook half of the Yukon Gold potatoes separately in cream. Once fully cooked, we then use an immersion blender (you could also use a regular blender) to puree the potato and cream mixture. We then add that back to the pot to give it that classic chowder texture and body while still being gluten free and without diluting the flavor.