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Add crispy zucchini to hot, cheesy pasta. (Photo: Lucy Schaeffer.)

Italian food authority Francine Segan’s cookbooks are must-reads for any fan of pasta, particularly her newest: Pasta Modern: New and Inspired Recipes From Italy. Abandon your red sauce craving and dive into the best, newest and certainly most inspired recipes from Italy we’ve seen in recent memory. This upgraded cacio e pepe dish is what’s for dinner. 

Zucchini does double duty here as both sauce and veggie. After it’s grated, the zucchini releases lots of lovely green juice, which is used to cook the pasta, coating it in a glossy glaze. The crisp grated pieces are then tossed with hot pasta to complete the light, rich dish. Especially delicious when made with Felicetti Monograno farro spaghetti, which imparts a naturally nutty flavor.

Reprinted with permission from Pasta Modern