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Grill your Greek salad for a hot spin on a beloved classic.

Salad for President is a collection of recipes from the blog of the same name, by food writer and artist Julia Sherman. If you’ve been looking for a book to shake up your vegetable game, look no further. Grilled veggies are all the rage, so why not toss your whole salad on the barbie? Here’s a recipe for Greek salad on the grill that will delight everyone at the table. 

This salad proves that rules are meant to be broken. I have always considered the classic Greek salad to be the Platonic ideal. I balk at fancy upgrades since the cheap red wine vinegar, Kalamata olives, and romaine are fundamental to the dish. Hell, I even prefer dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) from a can to those from the deli counter.

Then one day I had a few vegetarian dolmas left over in the fridge, and I tossed them on the grill to warm them up. The oil-marinated leaves crisped, the rice steamed and softened inside, and I had somehow managed to improve upon my favorite snack. With the rules out the window, I tossed all the veggies on the grill (save the cucumbers and tomatoes), and it worked. It’s not a replacement for the fresh Greek salad, but with the old-school Greek diners becoming a thing of the past, this is a fun variation to make at home.

Note: Tossing the cheese on the grill is optional, but it’s a nice way to warm it up before serving. Feta cheese sticks to the grill, so be sure to use tinfoil if you decide to do this step.

Reprinted with permission from Salad For President