Jessica Merchant, author of the blog How Sweet Eats, just released her first cookbook, Seriously Delish. This is good news for several reasons: she’s hilarious, her food is excellent and there’s nothing she makes that you can’t. If your chopped salad game is non-existent or really bad, this Greek-style recipe from the “Salads, Soups and Vegetable-Like Things” section will be right up your alley. 

When I first learned about panzanella, I was all “whoa whoa whoa—I can have bread IN my salad?” It was a game changer. And it just so happens that Greek salads happen to be my favorite, because, come on—there are so many delicious things. Artichokes! Olives! Feta! Dill! Sticking with the classic Greek theme, this salad is doused in a honey-lemon vinaigrette and tossed to perfection. It’s almost reminiscent of a chopped salad (which is another favorite of mine) because there is so much going on other than lettuce, and it’s all uniformly sized. Packed to the brim with flavor, this is definitely one of those salads that even the biggest salad hater could call a meal. Just ask me.

Reprinted with permission from Seriously Delish