If you want to talk about entertaining with minimal effort and maximum effect, Paul Lowe is your guy. The food stylist-turned-blogger has fans of his online magazine, Sweet Paul, all over the world. Channel his simple, elegant style through simple crafts and recipes and make your next party a memorable one. You’ll never suffer through a limp, boring chicken Caesar salad again. 

Caesar has always been my favorite Roman and my favorite salad. History books and PBS period dramas always make the ruler look chic. I’ve taken the Roman salute “Hail Caesar!” and made this salad in homage. Nutritious and tasty kale stands in for the more pedestrian romaine lettuce. Toasted pine nuts add crunch, along with homemade croutons. Be sure to cut out the tough stalks of the kale. I also find it best to give the leaves a gentle massage to loosen up the fibers, then place the kale in icy water to make it super crisp.

Reprinted with permission from Sweet Paul Eat And Make