The term Glasgow kiss may sound like a sweet romantic thing that happens between consenting adults while on a starry-eyed stroll along the bonnie banks of the River Clyde. But it’s not. Glasgow kiss is slang for a particularly stealthy and bloody kind of head-butt that is practiced in the Scottish city during bar fights. It’s an evocative name for this whiskey-based cocktail served up at The Fat Radish in NYC.

Perhaps it is an homage to the Glasgwegian roots of Auchentoshan, which is distilled so close to the city that it is known as “Glasgow’s Malt Whisky.” Or the fact that this triple-distilled, non-peaty whisky is more delicate and sweet than most whiskys, which distracts you from the potent punch. Either way, mix up a bunch of these this weekend. It just may give you an edge in case you get in a bar fight.