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Learn this giant hasselback potato recipe and never wonder what to do with spuds again.

Chef John Whaite, of Great British Bake Off fame, has a collection of recipes out that highlights the simple, rather than the ornate. This latest cookbook, Perfect Plates, promises the home cook one very important thing: no recipe calls for more than five ingredients. Ideal for pantry cooking nights, beginners and anyone else who appreciates the beauty of a delicious, uncomplicated meal will love this book. These giant hasselback potatoes are stuffed with garlic and cheese. 

There is hardly anything cosier than a baked potato. It’s all in the simple perfection of it: crispy, golden skin, encasing a fluffy, buttery interior. Whether served with baked beans, cheese, or whatever else you prefer, it is a staple — something we may take for granted until the moment we dig in again, when the troubles of the outside world are silenced, even if only for a moment. This version marries my favorite spud preparation — hasselback potatoes from Sweden — with those buttery beauties that I’ve relied on for decades.

Reprinted with permission from Perfect Plates