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Photo: Branden Byers
Twist up some fermented fun.

Sometimes the secrets of fermentation surpass our knowledge capacity. The process that yields pickles, kimchi, yogurt, wine and other tart, flavorful and especially healthy ingredients can be used to enhance almost anything you cook. Blogger, podcast host and all-around fermentation master Branden Byers’ new cookbook, The Everyday Fermentation Handbook, is a fount of knowledge. Ever think you could enhance pretzels with yogurt? Prepare to be amazed.

These kefir and sourdough pretzels will put a smile on your face. The creaminess of fermented dairy pairs well with the whole wheat and sourdough flavors. There is something simply satisfying about rolling out and twisting pretzels. At first pretzels look difficult to form, but the secret is that they are so simple a baby microbe could do it if only microbes had hands.

Reprinted with permission from The Everyday Fermentation Handbook