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Two of your favorite iterations of chicken in one.

Need a Brooklyn restaurant recommendation? Put down the Yelp and grab a table at Martha, chef/owner Andres Valbuena's Fort Greene supper club-turned Chinese bistro. Valbuena's General Tso fried chicken has risen to the top of the heap as Martha's most popular dish, which led to a spin-off project named "Tso," you can enjoy all weekend long at Smorgasburg. Or you can make it at home! But be forewarned: you may never make regular fried chicken again.

"The inspiration ​for the dish​ is pretty much at the center of most things we do: it's the American/Chinese crossover which lends itself to so many things that just taste so damn good," says the chef. "I'm glad to say that the chicken ​is very, very popular. Our number-one entrée by far."