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Tender rabbit stays moist and juicy with a layer of pancetta.

Lidgate’s has been a family-owned London mainstay for 160 years, so trust third-generation restaurateur Danny Lidgate to showcase the very best meat Holland Park has to offer. His new recipe collection is a juicy tribute to the cuisine that made his family famous. Grab a knife and dig in!

Rabbit has always been popular in France and Italy, but only recently has it been starting to reappear on British tables. We tend to sell the more tender farmed rabbit for roasting in dishes such as this. Wild rabbit can be tougher and benefits from longer stewing, but it’s also a meat that’s worth rediscovering. Rabbit offal is famously delicious, so get this with the rabbit if possible in order to use it in the sauce.

Reprinted with permission Lidgate’s: The Meat Cookbook