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Crisp, fatty pork belly and fresh spinach pair perfectly with crunchy cashews in this vibrant Indian-inspired recipe.

Chef Cyrus Todiwala is a master of Indian fusion cuisine. Using only 10 choice spices from India’s vast bounty of spices, he’s created a vibrant new recipe collection for home cooks featuring classic and modern spins on favorite South Asian dishes. 

At one time belly of pork was considered “cheap and cheerful,” but of late it has become rather fashionable and more expensive. I particularly like it when it comes from free-range and rare breeds of pork — so much more flavorsome than intensively farmed meat. With this recipe, you need to start the brining process a day before you want to cook the meat. Patient preparation and slow cooking are key factors.

Reprinted with permission from Mr. Todiwala’s Spice Box