(Photo: Evan Sung.)
Hail Mary’s deep-fried burrata is the kind of appetizer we see in our cheese dreams. (Photo: Evan Sung.)

Ham and Sohla El Waylly are the 30-year-old chef-owners of Hail Mary, a New American–style diner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One look at their menu says it all (and yes, of course breakfast is served all day). The two chefs have a wealth of popular restaurants on their résumés and are putting their skills and creativity towardsreinterpreting classic concepts at Hail Mary. Ham, who grew up in Doha, Qatar, with his Egyptian father and Bolivian mother, and Sohla, who is a first-generation American born to Bengali parents, use their diverse roots to inspire several of their menu items. This deep-fried burrata is neither here nor there — the important thing is that it’s smothered in fresh tomato sauce and heading to a table near you!