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There's always money in the frozen chocolate banana.

George Michael: “Oh there’s no recipe, you just dip the banana in the…”
Michael: “No, don’t tell them!”
Steve Holt: “Dip it in the what? DIP IT IN THE WHAT!?”
GOB: “It’s okay, son, we’ll figure it out.” 

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, George Michael was right. Not about whether it’s legal to touch your cousin in the state of California (still not), but that there’s pretty much no recipe for a frozen chocolate banana. You dip it in the…chocolate, then roll it in nuts and freeze it in a cooler full of evidence. Or ice. You can’t have a party without ice. Best part of all: even the sum of all these parts won’t cost you ten dollars, nor will they make you sick and kill you.

You know those takeout chopsticks rattling around in your utensils drawer? Now’s their time to shine.