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You've seen the bacon weave all over the internet. Now it's time to create this beautiful smoked-pig fabric at home.

Pitmaster Bill Gillespie’s barbecue team was named Grand Champion of the prestigious American Royal Barbecue Invitational, so you can assume he knows a thing or two about smoked pork. Bacon, in particular, as it turns out, in The Smoking Bacon & Hog Cookbook. Now break out the cured pork belly and do the weave!

Ah, the bacon weave. This is something that those who love bacon really need to have in their arsenal. A bacon weave cooks flat and evenly. Not only is the bacon weave great for wrapping chicken, meatloaf and sausage fatties, but it’s also great in sandwiches to ensure you get bacon in every bite! Here, I am going to show you the fine art of creating a bacon weave.

Reprinted with permission from The Smoking Bacon & Hog Cookbook