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We've got a wealth of vegetarian sandwich recipes to kick off Healthy Living Month.

Few things are as good as a meal cooked by either of the Sussmans, Max or Eli. Long story short, go to Brooklyn, eat at Mile End and tell ’em we sent you. We liked their first cookbook, This Is A Cookbook, a whole bunch. But their second book, released this past fall, the aptly named Best Cookbook Ever, kind of is the best cookbook ever. We want to make everything in it, but especially this brunch sandwich.

There is a bánh mì shop a block away from our house that is damn good and mighty cheap. We’ve spent many a ragged hungover morning zombie walking there with Murphy, Max’s dog, to pick up food. One time we wondered why there wasn’t a breakfast bánh mì. Crispy bread, hot eggs, spicy sauce—sounds perfect, right? Our shop didn’t have it, so we made it ourselves. For the best bánh mì, you want to use a fresh Italian roll, fluffy inside, white bread. Don’t make this on whole wheat and e-mail us saying you didn’t love it. We will publicly shame you.

Reprinted with permission from Best Cookbook Ever