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You've been craving pork belly tacos for longer than you're willing to admit. Go for it!

Chef, culinary instructor, cooking show host and James Beard Award–winning cookbook author Joanne Weir has a new collection of recipes out, Kitchen Gypsy, and you’re going to want it. Weir, a veteran of the famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, specializes in simple, hearty food, focusing on the quality and availability of local ingredients in order to make meals that are as authentically delicious as they are beautiful to behold. Peruse the recipes, read her excellent tales and tell us you’re not struck with an immediate, urgent craving for pork belly tacos.

I had never cooked pork belly myself when I asked Gonzalo to help me come up with a pork belly taco for the Copita menu. Rich and creamy with a crisp, crackling exterior, his creation blew me away. With a tomatillo-laced, nutty pipián sauce and pickled red onions on top, I can only describe this taco as out of this world.

Reprinted with permission from Kitchen Gypsy