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These crunchy snacks are a far cry from the onion rings next to your burger.

Where would modern cuisine be without the humble but mighty onion? Whether you’re reaching for shallots, chives, cipollinis, scallions, garlic or those little pearl onions that are very hard to peel (worth it though), there’s an innovative recipe in Onions Etcetera for you. These fried onion petals are a zippy, crunchy snack with a pink punch from beets and labneh. 

Chef Josh Thomsen introduced us to a dish of crisp fried onion wedges that were the perfect size and shape for scooping up a vivid dip of minced roasted beets. We also love the fried chicken dusted with za’atar — a popular Middle Eastern seasoning blend of sesame seeds, sumac and thyme — served at Federal Donuts in Philadelphia. And so a mashup was born: fried onion petals seasoned with za’atar and meant to be dipped in a lemony mash of beets and labneh. Ketchup who?

Reprinted with permission from Onions Etcetera