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Yet another reason to love fried green tomatoes. (Photo: Jody Horton.)

One Pan, Two Plates is our favorite new book for easy weeknight dinners. Carla Snyder’s recipes are fast, flavorful and minimal on the clean-up (which is always okay by us). First up, use those first tomatoes of the summer right!

Most everyone gets excited about ripe summer tomatoes. But I’m addicted to the unripened green ones! Especially when they’re fried up crispy in a hot, hot pan of bacon fat. And they’re even more delectable when paired with creamy avocado, crunchy iceberg lettuce, salty bacon and tucked inside a toasted English muffin spread with tart-sweet Major Grey’s chutney. This meal, a harmonious blend of rebel yell and Union Jack, is definitely something to get excited about.

Reprinted with permission from One Pan, Two Plates