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Change up your egg game.

When in London, stop by Hampstead cafe Ginger & White for superb coffee, baked goods and fresh, simple food made with the best British ingredients. Their new cookbook is a must-read for fans of this new spin on classic cuisine. Looking for a new take on the iconic English fry-up? Swap in duck eggs and blood sausage-infused sourdough croutons, but prepare to be spoiled for life. 

We love the pear, date and ale chutney that one of our suppliers makes for us, but you can use any fruity relish to accompany this dish or replace it with any of your favorite condiments. We use the fairytale white eggs that ducks lay in the daylight hours of spring and summer; they tend to be larger than hens’ eggs, so need a little bit longer when frying.

Reprinted with permission from The Ginger & White Cookbook