Chef Kristen Kish has won the hearts and palates of America, whether leading the kitchen in Boston or battling it out on Top Chef. Her unique style of cooking and relationship with innovative flavors has earned her accolades of all kinds, and her new cookbook is a testament to a hard-earned career. Just look at the way she spins a fried chicken thigh. 

This frying-without-frying dish came about by mistake. I was roasting chicken thighs at home for my dinner and then…I forgot all about them! I left them in too long, but to my surprise, instead of being overcooked and dry, they were still so crispy and juicy that they almost reminded me of Korean fried chicken. I guess those little thighs are pretty damn resilient. The lemon juice here works so well with the honey. If you can’t find Calabrian chiles in a jar, you can substitute pepperoncini.

Reprinted with permission from Kristen Kish Cooking