Chicken and waffles is one of the greatest seemingly illogical food combos in the history of seemingly illogical food combinations. People who have never had this flavor combo are always amazed by how good it is when they finally get their chance.

But what if you want this amazingness at a tailgate party? While the thought of watching people struggle to eat chicken and waffles on tiny paper plates balanced on their knees is mildly hilarious, you’re better than that. You can do better for your guests. That’s where these fried chicken tacos with blueberry pancake “tortillas” come in.

Why pancakes? Because a real waffle should never be able to bend without breaking; the crispness of waffles is sacred and should not be messed with, lest ye become a soulless fast food taco chain that shall remain unnamed (but you know who it is).

Also, these pancakes are made special, just for use in these tacos. The main difference being that there is no baking soda or baking powder, so these pancakes will stay flat and floppy, which coincidentally is exactly the formula for a great way to wrap up some fried chicken.