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Sameh Wadi is chef and co-owner of two of Minneapolis’s top restaurants — Saffron and World Street Kitchen — and recently released his first cookbook. Pick up a copy of The New Mediterranean Table for a journey through the incredible wealth of delicious cuisine throughout the region.

I love cauliflower. I grew up eating it in many different preparations, from fried to sautéed to pickled. I’m a fan. For this recipe, I thought, let’s pack as much flavor into this fairly bland vegetable, so naturally I gravitated toward the pungent sheep’s milk cheese and heady North African spices and herbs. When the regulars at Saffron heard that I was working on a book, the most commonly asked question was whether the recipe for the fried cauliflower would be included. It is hands down the most popular menu item at the restaurant — eat your heart out, chicken! So without any further ado, here it is: the glorious fried cauliflower.

Reprinted with permission from The New Mediterranean