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The simplicity of this dish is only one of the things that makes it wonderful.

Chef-author Suzanne Zeidy’s recent cookbook, Cairo Kitchen, which bears the name of her Cairo restaurant, is more than just a colorful collection of recipes — it’s a slice of history. Learn the stories behind some of Egypt’s most beloved home-cooked dishes, street food and more. Elevate the humble boiled egg with a quick fry and a roll in an herb and spice blend.

Dukka is a coarsely ground mixture of seeds, spices and nuts and is Egypt’s equivalent to Lebanon’s za’atar. The spices, seeds and nuts used for the dukka vary widely from family to family, but usually cumin, coriander, sesame, salt and pepper are included. Highly addictive, dukka and boiled eggs are served throughout Cairo on street carts and in breakfast shops. For this recipe, we used fried soft-boiled eggs for added texture. The eggs are dipped in the dukka and eaten either with semit, baladi or shamsi bread.

Reprinted with permission from Cairo Kitchen