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Tender homemade pasta with tangy salami, hearty kale and a creamy egg yolk on top, worth every bit of effort.

When it comes to hard hitters in the charcuterie game, Charles Wekselbaum, chef-owner of Charlito’s Cocina, knocks it out of the park. His brand-new cookbook, Cured, is a vibrant, beautifully photographed homage to all things preserved meat, with techniques, recipes for charcuterie and especially recipes with charcuterie. With detailed guides and master tips on treating that pork properly, you won’t miss a beat. 

Comparing fresh pasta with dried pasta is like comparing a song on a record with a live performance. Both have the potential to be transformative and memorable, and both have distinctive benefits. Buying dried pasta is quick and easy. That said, making fresh pasta is deceptively simple and wildly rewarding. This recipe is one example of a lively and enticing dish created with a few basic ingredients and household staples.

Reprinted with permission from Cured