Lidgate’s has been a family-owned London mainstay for 160 years, so trust third-generation restaurateur Danny Lidgate to showcase the very best meat Holland Park has to offer. His new recipe collection is a juicy tribute to the cuisine that made his family famous. Grab a knife and dig in!

Les Landes is a coastal region of southwest France that is renowned for its ducks and walnuts, and this salad, with its sharp dressing, showcases them extremely well. Use whatever pieces of prepared duck you can find. Like many butchers, we sell confit duck that can be kept at home, ready for quick and delicious meals. Ours come from our friend Thomas Maieli, aka Mr. Duck, who also makes confit gizzards. These firm little morsels are really interesting to eat and well worth trying.

Reprinted with permission from Lidgate’s: The Meat Cookbook