The Bordeaux-based chefs group AFAMÉS is headed up by journalist José Ruiz, who taps the organization for regionally influenced recipes and compiles them in a series of cookbooks. The latest, Foie Gras Sud-Ouest — 36 Recettes Inouïes de Chefs (incredible chefs recipes, roughly), features all sorts of delectable spins on the main ingredient, including this mouthwatering mash-up from Aurélien Crosato.

A young chef who previously worked in kitchens in Paris and San Francisco, Crosato opened the respected Soléna in Bordeaux with his wife, Serena Lee, a California expat. In case your own plans arent taking you to southwest Frances famed wine region anytime soon, try making Crosatos take on Chinese dumplings — which sub in duck foie gras for pork stuffing. In the photo above, he employs ravioli, but in the version of the recipe he translated for us, the ingredients call for a more traditional wonton wrapper. Either way, this could make for an unexpected main, starter or even an ambitious dim sum entry.