Confession: I don’t have a go-to chicken breast recipe, just a sizable repertoire of stuffing, tying, breading and frying. A pounded-out chicken cutlet is just begging to be rolled up with something delicious (and cheese) and cooked just long enough to melt everything together. After doing that for long enough, a plain chicken breast just won’t cut it. This fontina and chard stuffed chicken will satisfy everyone at the dinner table.

Fontina is a fantastic melting cheese, and chard is extra-healthy with vitamins and fiber that cancel out (or at least somewhat mitigate) the cheesy fried-ness. Tying the stuffed chicken with butcher’s twine will help keep all the filling in, but in a pinch you can seal the ends and seam closed with toothpicks or wooden skewers. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just pouch-like and delectable.