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You won't forget this focaccia.

There's nothing quite like a travelogue cookbook by an award-winning chef, which is why we're loving Jeff Michaud's new book, Eating Italy. Guess who else loves it? Well, we won't call out the whole list of glowing reviews by name but…Bastianich, Silverton, Symon, Bloomfield and Waxman are a few. If you're a fan of authentic Northern Italian cuisine, this beautifully photographed book belongs in your kitchen. 

On our first trip to Liguria, Claudia and I stopped in Bergeggi, a tiny beach town near Genoa. Claudia stuck her head out the window, took one whiff, and said, “Stop the car.” She didn’t know where the focaccia was, but she could smell it. We found a line of people, pulled over, and got in line. The store sold twenty different kinds of stuffed focaccia — Speck and blue cheese, tomatoes and arugula, Nutella… you name it. You order whatever you like in hundred-gram increments, and they slice off your order and warm it in a wood oven.

We got Speck and crescenza, cipolline and Gorgonzola, artichoke and Parmigiano, and Nutella. That was our lunch. Here’s my northern Italian twist with pancetta and Taleggio. Try it warm out of the oven or at room temperature alongside a soup or pasta dish.

Reprinted with permission from Eating Italy