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Remix your fish taco: swap soft grits in for tortillas tonight and make it a bowl.

Unless you’ve been completely checked out for the past few years, you’ve noticed that the humble bowl has been elevated to more of a “large holy grail” when it comes to healthy cooking, fast-casual dining and all-in-one meals. Cookbook author and chef Robin Asbell is on it with a new collection of recipes that has everything you want (and more) all in one simple vessel. This fish taco bowl comes together so beautifully you may forget about tortillas for a while. 

Mexican and Southern foods have formed a fusion of their own, and grits are a perfect player in that game. Instead of tortillas, soft and creamy grits say Georgia, while the fish taco fixins say SoCal. We can dig in wherever we live, just because this bowl is so dang tasty.

Reprinted with permission from Great Bowls of Food