The best Mexican food is always made from scratch, slow-cooked with fresh ingredients. From the tried-and-true to modern spin, Latin American food expert Paul Wilson’s Taqueria has it all. These seafood tacos will make you forget all about carne asada (at least for the time being). 

Jicama is sometimes called Peruvian pear and I was delighted to discover they grow in Australia in Darwin and far north Queensland. In Mexico jicama is often served as an aperitif snack, cut into strips and sprinkled with smoked paprika then served in a tall, narrow glass partially filled with freshly squeezed lime. This is a terrific alternative to any olive in my opinion! This tropical taco is given a South-east Asian twist with herbs, green mango, chilli and jicama for a lip-smacking and feisty taco treat. The marinade for the seafood is very versatile, the hero being the achiote paste, with its savoury, citrusy and complex taste.

Tips: Choose one seafood or white meat that can be precooked and served as a cold filling. If jicama is hard to find, you can substitute breakfast radishes, daikon (white radish) or even nashi pear.

Reprinted with permission from Taqueria