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Tangy labneh, a kind of strained yogurt, pairs with zucchini and thyme for an elegant, hearty vegetarian tart.

If you’re making it from scratch, add a little something you fermented yourself. Award-winning baker and fermentation expert Charlotte Pike has a new book out that guides you through the steps of this near-magical natural process that yields worldwide culinary staples like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles, then serves up a wide variety of recipes incorporating your tart homemade fare. Labneh is a kind of strained yogurt, thicker than traditional Greek, that’s popular in the Middle East and packs a tangy punch. Spread it on a puff pastry with vegetables for a light but hearty meal.

This tart is incredibly easy to make and looks so elegant. It’s delicious served with a salad as a main meal, or you could wrap a slice in foil to take out with you as a packed lunch.

Reprinted with permission from Fermented