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Crisp, tangy, super-healthy: Make this leafy green kimchi and get ready for rice bowls!

Celebrate, elevate and masticate those vegetables! Making food at home, keeping ingredients local and eating in season all helps reduce the carbon footprint of the food we eat, one of many lessons to learn in eco-chef Tom Hunt’s new book, The Natural Cook. Fighting food waste and hunger is the name of Hunt’s game, so if you’re on his team, pick up a copy and prepare to redefine DIY. 

Homemade kimchi is wonderful, with the added bonus of containing probiotics from the fermentation process (it won’t contain these if you don’t let it ferment), so it is good for gut flora. It is full of good bacteria that help keep your immune system healthy. The Koreans commonly use cabbage to make kimchi, so feel free to substitute that if you prefer.

Storage: Keep the kimchi in a sealed, non-metallic container in the refrigerator and eat within three weeks. The raw kale is best eaten immediately.

Reprinted with permission from The Natural Cook