For those with food commitment issues, there is Graze. It’s a colorful collection of vibrant “not quite a meal, more than a snack” dishes from renowned recipe developer and food stylist Suzanne Lenzer. Whether you’re looking for a late night nosh or light lunch-ish-type-meal, there’s plenty of options in here for you. This communal salade niçoise is a healthy, colorful way to feed a bunch of people. 

I have loved salade Niçoise for as long as I can remember. My version is less traditional — I’ve swapped fresh tuna for the meaty pink Italian kind that comes packed in olive oil; I’m partial to substituting roasted tomatoes if fresh aren’t truly in season; and I suggest creamy green olives instead of the traditional black — but the communal concept is the same. Everyone gets a little bit of everything with only one plate to wash.

Reprinted with permission from Graze