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Taste the rainbow with this stunning fattoush dip!

Ready to kick your home cooking game into high gear? Join blogger and Instagram sensation Izy Hossack and rejuvenate your go-to dishes into impressive, photogenic masterpieces. You love fattoush, and you love hummus. Wait til you see this rainbow-hued fattoush dip. 

I prefer this purple dip made with red kidney beans to its more common chickpea-based cousin hummus, as it’s easier to make it smooth, light, and creamy. (Seriously, I’m never going to hand-peel a bowl of cooked chick peas just to get smooth hummus.) I swirl the resulting pastel puree onto a platter and top it with a mixture of herbs, tomatoes, greens, and pomegranate seeds, with a cinnamon–lemon dressing inspired by the Middle Eastern salad called “fattoush.” Serve with homemade pita chips and you have one impressive and beautiful sharing plate of food. 

Gluten Free: Serve with certified gluten-free crackers or corn tortilla chips.

Reprinted with permission from The Savvy Cook