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Photo: Matt Armendariz
Tuck these little leeks into bed with a blanket of prosciutto. It's the only way to do it.

Fabio Vivani of Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars releases his cookbook this week! We nabbed a couple of recipes from this awesome new addition to our food library, including this super-simple, rustic roasted leek dish. We’ll tuck ourselves in with prosciutto any day of the week, Chef. 

My mom used to call these leeks “tucked in bed” as a way of making me be quiet. Whenever we had leeks, she’d make the dish and then say, “Do you want to help me tuck them in?” I’d help her tuck in the prosciutto and then she’d say, “Now you have to be quiet because the leeks are sleeping.” Then I would go around the house telling everyone, “Be quiet! The leeks are sleeping!”

Reprinted with permission from Fabio’s Italian Kitchen