You need a few more perfect sauces in your repertoire and you know it. No matter what you’re making, there’s a sauce out there just waiting to make it better, enhance its natural appeal and make you look like a rock star of a chef. Pick up a copy of The Art of the Perfect Sauce and make this Japanese eggplant and roasted tomato sauce. 

We like to grill the eggplant for this sauce because it lends a smoky, almost meaty quality to the sauce. This is an excellent do-ahead sauce because you can cook the eggplant earlier in the day or the day before and complete the sauce after the tomatoes come out of the oven. We use Japanese eggplant for this sauce because it is thin-skinned and not as bitter as Italian varieties. This sauce is just as good at room temperature as it is hot. Use this sauce as a different twist on traditional tomato-based pasta sauces.

Reprinted with permission from The Art of the Perfect Sauce