Make your morning a little brighter with a recipe from Rise & Shine, a new collection of recipes from food and nutrition writer Katie Sullivan Morford. Whether you go sweet or savory, vegan or fully carnivorous, there’s a recipe in here that will wake you up right. This egg in a nest breakfast pizza is a friendly way to start your day. 

This egg in a nest breakfast pizza is such a knockout — for both its magazine-cover good looks and its savory flavor — that it’s hard to believe it’s such a breeze to make. Use pre-grated cheese and pre-washed arugula, and you can get this baby bubbling in the oven in a matter of minutes. What results is a crispy pita pizza crust with flavorful toppings, including an oozy egg. It won all three of my kids over at first bite.

Adapt It: Use 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce in place of the pesto.

Reprinted with permission from Rise and Shine