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Behold the majestic jewel tones of Melissa Clark's egg crostini with radishes and anchovies.

Change up your dinner game with renowned food writer and test kitchen master Melissa Clark. With recipes across the playing field, from a simple pasta-based supper to an elaborate (but not difficult) roast, there’s something in the mix for everyone. Churn out stellar salads, hearty entrees, freshly baked bread and more with this versatile new volume. A simple egg crostini recipe needs nothing more than peppery radish and savory anchovy to go from snack to meal. 

Fancier than your typical mayo-slathered egg salad, these open-faced sandwiches get a pungent, saline smack from anchovies and capers and a little crunch from the radish. I love to trot out this combination as an hors d’oeuvre, piling the eggs et al onto small, thin slices of baguette. But for a light supper, late-night snack, or lunch, a crusty country loaf is a better, heartier option. In either case, it’s important to use really good ingredients here since the flavor completely depends on them. Seek out farmers’ market eggs, imported anchovies packed in olive oil, and good high-fat butter. Although all of this might seem overly precious, these details really matter when you’re serving them practically naked. Try it and see.

Reprinted with permission from Dinner