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Marinate your steak tips for a thoroughly New England meat experience.

Boston is renowned for its diversity of culinary options, with food from every ethnicity you can name. Mike’s City Diner, run by Lebanese Jay Hajj, is a must-visit when you’re in town. His fusion of New England classics with elements from his native Beirut is a big crowd-pleaser, and his new cookbook is packed with phenomenal recipes like maple-whiskey steak tips. Never heard of steak tips? Head to Boston and prepare for beef heaven. 

The first time I had steak tips, probably at about 11 or 12 years old, was something of a life-changing experience given the scarcity of meat of any kind, especially beef, back home in Beirut. Steak tips are a kind of Boston specialty you find at take-out joints and pubs all over the city.

Steak tips come from the thin but fatty-rich sirloin flap, typically a chewy, second-rate cut of meat. So the beef is cut into chunks, marinated to flavor and tenderize the beef, then grilled over a hot fire. Sometimes the tips are skewered, but more often than not they’re just piled onto a plate, maybe doused with barbecue sauce, and served with French fries. Meat was something you ate back in Lebanon only on special occasions. Here in America, you could walk into a little takeout joint like my buddy Billy’s family pizza shop and walk out with a pile of grilled marinated beef for just a few dollars. I was amazed by it all.

Reprinted with permission from Beirut To Boston