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There is an art to cooking these green beans. Andrew Wong is here to help.

Chinese chef and restaurateur Andrew Wong has a new cookbook out, named for his renowned London eatery, A. Wong. Follow in the celebrated chef’s footsteps as he revisits his culinary travels through China, selecting his favorite recipes to share along the way. You may have had wok-fried snap beans (a.k.a. string beans) before, but you’ve definitely never had Wong’s. 

The secret to this dish is to ensure that you don’t overcook the snap beans when deep-frying before adding them to the wok. When we first opened the restaurant, we were going through boxes and boxes of green beans every day purely because the chefs would repeatedly miss the critical stage at which the skin of the beans just begins to shrivel and therefore they would keep ending up in the garbage. The chef Corey Lee explains in a book I bought recently that many of our fellow professionals pursue standards that exist only in their heads and devote their lives to fine points that few people notice — in my case, the exact moment when the beans need to be lifted out of the fryer!

Reprinted with permission from A. Wong Cookbook