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Why eat little fried potatoes when you could eat little fried whole fish?

Anya Fernald is cofounder and CEO of the Belcampo Meat Co., the world’s largest sustainable meat company. Inspired by the Italian peasant cuisine known as cucina povera, Fernald’s new collection of recipes, Home Cooked, is as simple, hearty and delicious as it gets, from rich soups and flavorful stocks to creamy polenta, rib-sticking pasta and a vibrant array of appetizers, vegetables and sides. These tiny fish fries may be nature’s perfect appetizer. Grab some lemon wedges and get dredging!

This is my riff on an Italian street-food favorite: paper cones of small, salty fried fish served with a dollop of creamy aioli and a wedge of lemon. For me, this is the highest and best use for small fish like smelt and anchovies because the fish don’t need to be gutted, beheaded or scaled, and because tiny crispy fish are really good to eat. This is a great party food — for a fun presentation, serve the fried fish in cones made from newspaper.

Reprinted with permission from Home Cooked