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Chocolate cake and pudding meet in this beautifully layered devil's food trifle.

Follow chef Ashley Christensen’s journey from 18-year-old cook to owner at Raleigh’s renowned Poole’s Diner. Her eponymous cookbook pays homage to her simple, hearty, Southern-focused New American cuisine. Whip up all the favorite dishes Poole’s chalkboard has ever sported right at home, and put that restaurant on your bucket list. This devil’s food trifle is about as good as a chocolate dessert gets. 

Pudding is such a simple yet brilliant way to showcase chocolate. To me, it has the elegance of mousse or pot de crème without the formality — like a debutante kicking off her heels at the end of the night. The pudding in this trifle will only be as good as the chocolate you buy, so use it as an excuse to pick your favorite (and snack on any extra). We use Videri chocolate, which is made in a bean-to-bar factory just on the other side of the railroad tracks from Poole’s.

Reprinted with permission from Poole’s