Culinary superstar Missy Robbins has a collection of recipes out that will renew your love of jazzed-up home cooking. All these dishes are accessible and prefaced by anecdotes by Robbins that will delight you and pump you up for some awesome culinary projects, like this deviled egg toast. 

I always pass on deviled eggs because I don’t like the boiled egg white, and although I’m a sucker for the filling, it’s not generally acceptable to dive into it leaving the rest of the egg behind. I came up with a solution that celebrates my favorite part of a deviled egg. I typically finish each crostini with bottarga, which is pressed, salted, and dried mullet or tuna roe, but truffles would be equally delicious. (I’ve also been known to eat this spread on toast with hot sauce for breakfast.) Salty, spicy, tangy all in one crunchy bite. Such a step up from a boiled egg white!

Reprinted with permission from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner…Life