What’s not to love about an all-cookie cookbook? Sally McKenney, of popular blog Sally’s Baking Addiction, has a new collection of her favorite recipes out that will revolutionize your holiday baking season. These dark chocolate peanut butter-stuffed cookies will melt in your mouth. Savor and share!

Yep, these cookies are love at first bite. Three pieces of advice: (1) Have a paper towel nearby when you’re assembling the cookies, as this is a sticky cookie dough — the result of all that cocoa powder and butter; (2) chilling the cookie dough is massively important; and (3) a tall glass of cold milk is required.

Sally Says: It goes without saying that these cookies taste phenomenal after cooling for just a few minutes, so feel free to enjoy them then. The peanut butter cup will be all melty, and the cookies will be ultrasoft. YUM.

Reprinted with permission from Sally’s Cookie Addiction