Philadelphia may be the land of the cheesesteak, but its vegetarian and vegan cuisine game is squarely on point. Philly chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby have a new cookbook out that places the spotlight on produce-based snacks, main dishes, desserts and more. Inspired by the wide world of street food, it’s got at least a dish or two that are sure to make it into your meatless repertoire. 

One of the original street foods of the world, this amazing Szechuan dish was once served by vendors walking around with a stick across their shoulders. On one end hung a pot with some hot broth and on the other end was a pot with the noodles. It eventually evolved into one of the spicier Szechuan offerings, dan dan noodles with shiitake mushrooms, and then on its arrival to the States the spices were tamed to please more palates. We’ve kept our V Street version of this dish pretty spicy. If you can’t hang, then by all means cut back on the sauce. We use fresh ramen noodles here, but any noodle you choose (even spaghetti!) will work just fine if cooked properly.

Reprinted with permission from V Street