Le Verace is as simple a work of art as it gets — you’ll need prime ingredients, master techniques and one hot, hot oven.

We recently spent a day in the kitchen with Rossopomodoro’s master pizzaiolo Rosario Granieri, learning why our homemade pizza was only “pretty good.” Try this recipe for one of his prized pies, Le Verace, starring fresh, creamy buffalo mozzarella and a simple three-ingredient sauce.

Says the chef:

“This is a recipe adapted from our dough recipe for the home kitchen, but keeping the advantages of a long, double-rise dough. Most New York–style pizza leaves the eater bloated because they use so much yeast to reduce the rise time, which means you’re eating still active yeast — and a lot of it to boot — when you enjoy the pizza. This recipe allows the yeast to run its full life cycle, so that all you’re enjoying after baking is the magical effects of the yeast, not the yeast itself. You do, of course, have to prep the dough at least one day in advance.”

The dough will keep in the refrigerator for up to two days, so create a topping plan and make it happen!